Grandmaster Lim Chae-Kwan

Grand Master Lim Chae-KwanAs a child in elementary school, Lim Chae-Kwan dreamed of becoming a Tae Kwon Do expert. He started learning Hapkido from Founder Choi Young Sool. After 8 hard years of training, he was finally promoted to 4th dan master of Hapkido. After the promotion, Lim joined the military.

Training with Choi Young Sool taught him the most the most important Hapkido skills. He also trained with other grandmasters to perfect his art.

Current Rank: Grand Master (9th degree)
Birthdate: February 15th, 1962

From other grandmasters Lim was able to gain these skills.

  • Grandmaster Jun Jeong-Pil (Kicking)
  • Grandmaster Lee Jae-Young (Advanced Wrist Techniques)
  • Grandmaster Lee Young-Hee (Clothing Grabs)
  • Grandmaster Chae Hung-Jun (Offensive Techniques & Throwing)
  • Grandmaster Kim Young-Jae (Special Self-Protection)
  • Grandmaster Lim Hyun-Soo (Iaido)


  • Korea Classical Martial Arts Association President.
  • Korea Hapkido Master 4th Dan (Under Founder Choi Young Sool).
  • World Japan Iaido Association 6th Dan (Japan, Komei Sekiguchi).
  • Korea Taekwondo Master 4th Dan.
  • Tukong Mu Sool Master 6th Dan.
  • Korea Hapkido Grandmaster 9th Dan

Grand Master Lim Chae-Kwan